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How to Sleep With A Broken Shoulder: The Best Tips For You

How to Sleep With A Broken Shoulder

Sleep plays an essential role in providing relaxation to your body. Sleep also helps promote and regulate vital hormones and healing at the cellular level. It is very tough to sleep with a broken shoulder. That is a daunting scheme too. Even you wake up with intolerable arm pain in the morning. It occurs because you can not prevent the movements of your body when you sleep. Getting into a comfortable abode to rest the body couldn’t be easier. Whatever it is challenging with a broken shoulder is finding a perfect sleeping position. If you have a cracked shoulder, there is a high possibility of hampering the surrounding nerves, tissue, blood supply, and muscles. Here is a question that may arise in your mind ‘how to sleep with a broken shoulder’? In the article, we include some unique tips for you. 

Symptoms And Causes of your Broken Shoulder

The shoulder contains the strongest bone, named the humerus. So, it is difficult and requires extreme force to break it. It causes mostly injury from playing football, extreme heights, or car accidents. On the other hand, someone with osteoporosis has a higher risk of breaking the shoulder. Osteoporosis is a situation of the weakness of bones. It is more sensitive to premature or incidental fractures and often not analyzed until a bone breaks down. 

Here are the symptoms of a broken shoulder:

  • Including swelling
  • Including pain
  • Including tenderness
  • Including bruising
  • Including abnormal bumps or a deformity
  • Including the feeling of the bones grinding with movement
  • Inability to drive limbs as usual

You can determine a broken shoulder by x-ray. It helps your doctor to find the injury and its proximal or distal. X-ray helps to estimate the alignment of your shoulder and humerus bone. 

How To Sleep With A Broken Shoulder

Can not sleep after shoulder breaking down? Do not worry. It is a fact that most others have no idea how to sleep with a broken shoulder. A cracked shoulder impacts many regions of people’s life. It is especially the case when you want a comfortable sleeping position. Spend some money and time on proper sleep to ensure the body recovers effectively and quickly. Most doctors recommend sleeping to give the body a good time to recover after an injury of breaking down the shoulder. 

Tips For Sleeping With A Broken Shoulder

We’ll include details on tools, methods, and protection concerns to maximize your independence with sleep. Try these tips to get yourself back to regular sooner:

  • Finding the adjusting position
  • Proper medication for pain
  • Choose your best pillow
  • A peaceful environment for sleeping 
  • Using a recliner
  • Using the sling

Find The Adjusting Position

How to sleep with a broken shoulder: After an injury, it is natural to have swelling or aches. Swelling increases the number of pains. It also can delay the procedure of healing. Doctors suggested promoting the injury throughout the night to relieve swelling and determine the portion of blood pooling at the leave. The best position to sleep with a broken shoulder is:

  • Sleep upright with sufficient help to the involved extremity.
  • Choose a flat mattress.
  • Sleep alone for the first few days.
  • Choose an elevated position to keep your shoulders elevated.
  • You can sleep on a sofa, armchair, or reclining chair to provide stability and limit your movement at night.
  • You can use a bed rail in your bed.

How to Sleep With A Broken Shoulder: Proper Medication For Pain

You must consult your doctor and take the medicines. The medication helps you to control extreme pain. For the first few weeks, you should take drugs prescribed by the doctor. The pills also help you to decrease swelling and discomfort. If you do not feel better after taking medicines for a few days, you must consult your doctor again. The doctor advises you to take other drugs or change your dosages. The doctor may also prescribe:

  • A sleep aid
  • Over-the-counter medicine that causes drowsiness as Tylenol PM Benadryl
  • Anti-inflammatory medicine as Naproxen or Ibuprofen

You can ice the cracked area with a cloth for 10 to 20 minutes every 2 hours. It can help to decrease your pain and swelling. If you do not adequately take the drugs, the medication may take longer to work and leave you in pain.

Choose Your Best Pellow 

How to sleep with a broken shoulder: Using pillows can support your broken shoulder most effectively. You should choose:

  • Thin pillow
  • Throw pillows
  • Accent pillows
  • Wedge pillows
  • Small flat pillows

They can help you to sleep after an injury. You can use numerous pillows to support your arms. 

Every pillow has a unique value for your bitterness. The best way, you can use two pillows under the shoulder and on the abdomen. It can help you to get a comfortable sleep for the night.

How to Sleep With A Broken Shoulder: A Peaceful  Environment for Sleeping

Unhealthy is challenging to form healthy. A peaceful environment helps you to recover from your illness rapidly. The helpful recommendations are:

  • Maintaining your bedtime
  • Maintaining your daily bedtime routine 
  • Keeping the bedroom temperature comfortable 
  • Wearing a loose, easy, breathable, and comfortable cloth
  • Choosing the silent place for proper sleep

Using A Recliner

You can also use a recliner to keep your body upright and comfortable. Most people find the recliner is the best relaxing place to sleep. Use a recliner for a few weeks. It helps you to recover quickly from your injury. You can use pillows under your arms to provide a more comfortable and ergonomic position. Recliner keeps your body upright, which allows you to sleep better. 

How to Sleep With A Broken Shoulder: Using The Sling

Using the sling, you can highly benefit from releasing your pain. The doctor suggested wearing a sling because:

  • It relieves tension. 
  • It also elevates your shoulder to a healing position. 
  • In healing time, it keeps away from overworking or moving your shoulder.
  • It immobilizes your shoulder.

There are two types of slings: one is simple, and another is padding with extra strapping. But you give more attention to your sleeping position and movement by wearing a sling. 


Poor sleep is harmful to your mood. It impacts your whole day’s energy level and disturbs your concentration which can damage your immune system. In injury situations, our life is challenging. We can not go outside or even do regular activities. Knowing about these options for helping the repaired or injured shoulder is essential to confirm that you will have a fast comeback. You can pass your time by watching tv, phones or tablets. You should obey your doctor’s instructions and take your medicines regularly. Then after a few weeks, you will see a change in good results for your shoulder. So, now you got your answer to this question, “how to sleep with a broken shoulder?”.

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